Refresh Kid's Market - Vancouver Event Photographer

I had a lot of fun photographing the kid's Refresh Market a few weeks ago. So much handmade and original goodness on display! The next market is coming up soon on Apr 25. For more details check out the Refresh Market website.

Take a browse through the vendor's online stores: Chubby Love, Collage Collage, Corrie Lindroos Photography, Delish General Store, Emerson Apparel, Endure Upcycled Designs, Florid & Fallow, From the Seeds, Good Husbands Apparel, Little Citizens Apparel, Little & Lively, Mawdsley Loves, Mitani Designs, Mushybooks, Numpfer, The Prettiest Bow, Simple Soap, Sugar Momma Pastries, Think & Ink Studio, Trae Designs, Tuk & Milo, Will & Co.