getting outside pre-spring | gyro park, trail.

The turn towards Spring is one of those inspiring times of year for me. New beginnings, watching new shoots and buds emerge, the birds start chirping and more daylight! And you can just smell it right?!! Spring is so symbolic of new beginnings and starting something afresh and I love to move with that momentum.

After moving to the West Kootenays in October, we just weathered our first 'real' winter in a snowy mountain town (which was awesome and hard!) and there is still quite a bunch of snow around (i.e. we still can't see out of some ground floor windows.. whaaat) so I was thankful last week for the town at the bottom of the mountain where the playground and beach are relatively snow free and we could enjoy a few hours outside at a balmy 10 degrees celsius without all of the usual snow get up on.

And so I happily followed my leaping bunnies around with my camera soaking up some almost-spring vibes whoop whoop!